To Jerry

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Posted by Coordinator on December 19, 2013 at 02:50:24

Your three attempted posts on genX today will not be published due to your tone and content, in particular, your use of false logic to attack the only person who responded to you offering some insight into the lack of response to your original posts. Please refer to #6, #2, #4 and #7 of -- although this was probably a post made in jest and not officially stated in our Rules and Guidelines, it outlines the fallacy of your (attempted) approach with Thinker.

Feel free to continue posting and seeking information, as long as you employ a different tone. Be patient! Traffic to the forum varies and may be at a lull. Most people who wander in do eventually get replies to their queries. However, you've obviously used an approach that doesn't work (at least with Thinker and some other currently active board users). So, try a different one. Every community, real or virtual, does come with its social norms. Take a cue from Thinker and find out who you're dealing with and what is the best approach. Insistence on charging about like a bull in a china shop will get you nowhere in this community.

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