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Posted by on January 11, 2014 at 20:25:51

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I met him@Fred Jordan mission in L.A. when I was a new recruit (babe) then again in N.Y.C. where I got to jam w/him@our loft colony (lower east side) then@free Sunday concert in Central Park just before he left for Europe. At that time the COG were quite innocent as we spent all our time witnessing, NOT "litnessing" and way before "flirty fishing ". The latter two were the beginning of the downfall for the "family" as it became all about money to help support David "Mo" Berg's lavish lifestyle, debauchery, and INSANITY!! I quit in '78 in Mexico City with the onset of "flirty fishing" despite having our music on the radio, playing concerts, and being on TV frequently. I thank God for giving me the courage to make that decision as it wasn't easy because I loved my "brothers and sisters" and friends I had. I just couldn't believe Jesus would want me to perpetuate what the "family" had become. By the way, I thought I read Rick Dupuis(?) a.k.a. "Watchman de la Mancha" who was my brother and true friend and lead singer of our band in Mexico City had passed away away. What happened to him? And what about his wife Katrina and daughters? I believe he was from Texas. He flew to Puerto Rico to recruit me to play drums (and guitar and SING) in Mexico in '76. I know my 7 years in the COG were mostly productive in saving souls (that was the point of it all, right?) . Too bad it turned so sad. . Any info would be greatly appreciated. God bless all you survivors.

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