Trying to find my biological father

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Posted by on October 15, 2014 at 22:45:00

I was born into the children of god organization. at age 7 my parents split up I stayed with my dad. when I was 11 my father moved to the US, he had spent 10 years traveling south america and the last 3 it was just me and my dad. I got a call from my mother at 24 and began to talk to her regularly. I had suspicions that the man I was living with was not my father but I had no real reason to not believe him. then one day I was talking to my mom and I asked her if "Able" (my fathers bible name) was my biological father and to my great surprise she said NO. unfortunately she said that because everyone had bible names she didn't know his real name and she would try to track him down but didn't think she would be able to since it had been so long ago. I was able to get some information from her though. this is what I know of him. My biological father was/is an american man with green eyes and blond hair. my mother described him as being much like my step father who is green eyed and blond. sometimes I don't know what the truth is since I have confronted my step father with the information and at first he said that she was hiding that from me for what ever reason or that she didn't know and that he really could be my father although my mother has told me that there is no doubt in her mind and in later years my step father has backed off the argument that she might not know but that he felt that he was my father since he was the one that raised me. I don't disagree with him and although he wasn't truthful with me at first he has opened up about the truth of the situation so I forgave him for any incorrect information he gave me before and he did care for me the same as a father would. my only issue is that I would like to know and feel that it should be hidden from me. My apologizes for getting off topic so back to the info I have on my biological father. My mother and father met in Kuwait or at least they were there together at some point. by my estimation it would have had to be some where around mid 1978. unfortunately it is against the law to be unmarried and pregnant in Kuwait at the time so she told me she was forced to leave the country and for what ever reason my father didn't go with her. she gave birth to me 6 weeks early in Athens Greece but since she is a German citizen she had me naturalized. My mother did tell me his bible name was Samuel (my middle name) so all I know is that my biological father is an american, likely nicknamed Samuel or SAM possibly or it could be his middle name but I know its not his given name as all members had to take a biblical name. He stayed at one of the organizations homes in Kuwait in about 1978 and met a women named Petra and a biblical name of Suzanne. I don't even know if he knew she was pregnant when the separated. I have no delusions about who or what my biological father is or was I just want to know his name and maybe who he is that's all. so if any of this sound familiar I would greatly appreciate any information on the matter and thank you vary much for the help. I really would like to know who my father is before I loose the chance by letting too much time go by. thanks again for any help on this matter as it is very important to me.

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