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Posted by excog on February 21, 2015 at 22:59:56

In Reply to: Re: a little context posted by Thinker on February 19, 2015 at 12:04:51:

At the time the group was using these affidavits en masse, they were very likely following Scientology's tactics.

The affidavits were basically used to intimidate anyone who would speak out, by having anybody who had ever been in contact with them (even spouses) go on a smear campaign. Anything you had ever done would be used against you. (Sounds much like the files Scientology keeps on everyone). But this was Berg's modus operandi throughout the years.

I have seen affidavits written by some of the people who were at Family Care Foundation and some other folks who were in Japan during the 90's.

The US is a very legally oriented culture, and people use legal tactics. If 15 people write affidavits about how "bad" you are, that makes you less credible as a person, even if what they are saying is slanderous or distorted.

Most of these cases never get to a courtroom anyway. That is why it is so easy to intimidate and slander using these tactics. It is like a form of 'legal mobbing.' Attorneys here say if you throw enough mud against a wall, eventually some of it will stick. They use these tactics themselves.

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