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Posted by on August 02, 2015 at 03:08:47

Does anyone know how Activated Ministries gets away with collecting 10's of 1000's if not millions by lying and deceit? Last year I called an 800# I found on the web about a donation of a car. A young woman answered; "Activated Ministries, how may I help you." It took me a few minutes to realize that it was actually the TFI. I asked the woman who answered the phone if Activated Ministries was the TFI or affiliated with TFI. She categorically said NO. I asked a 2nd time and she said NO. I asked a 3rd time, this time telling her I use to be in the TFI and we use to get out Activated magazines,"Are you sure you are not the TFI? I asked; and again she said NO. She told me that people donate cars to them,mainly through their website, which they sell and give the money to people in need. She then told me to look up their website. When I looked up Activated Ministries on the web I discovered that every single person on their website are current TFI members. Most of them claim they do volunteer work, of which most of them I know personally.(I left the TFI in 2010) Some of their recipients of the donated funds from selling donated cars, are no longer in places like India but live in Texas. Lie #2.And some call their volunteer work teaching English (which they receive a visa to stay in a country)or donating teddy bears (which were donated to them) to give to an orphanage. When I tried to call back that same day to the Activated 800# in California no one picked up. I called several times! I wrote to Peter & Maria asking them to explain and they said they don't know how Activated works, and that they would forward my letter to their office in Calif. and that they would ask someone from Activated to respond to me. That was about a year ago. So far no reply. They boast of 1000's of dollars if not millions, in donations to their charity. Yet they don't reveal who they really are giving the money too. They just claim the recipients are 'missionaries'. Does anyone know how they get away with this?

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