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Posted by Long gone on December 17, 2017 at 18:41:52

In Reply to: Re: Last Best Memory posted by Emily on November 24, 2017 at 16:05:48:

Hmm. Was it the unfiltered pond water or outhouses at TSC? Or the dread of a sudden "purging session"? Or maybe not leaving the bldg in L.A. for weeks at a time and then only as instructed? Or maybe it was severely cramped up sleeping on a prophet bus outside of a university campus..
Maybe it was getting "mated" with someone with no foreknowledge that it was happening until it happened.
Could have been the endless selling of literature that was embarrassing, or the survival tests of mock break-ins during the night to keep me on my toes.
Or the OHR's on how many people "loved" , or not having shoes except for sandals with socks to go out in the snow because the "shepherd's" wanted to give extra to WS.
Or unwanted sex from horny male members, being reported and dealt with for avoidance, being separated, unwillingly, from family...and the list goes on and on. Was there ever a tender moment that was unselfish and sweet between individuals? Yes. I am sure that in the midst of a concentration camp there were such moments, but I am wondering what the point is in looking for something good during an overall catastrophic time? The best memory? When I left and my children were very young. I made it out, at a time when I was able to leave with all of them, and those children escaped the horrors to come and I love them so. I am lucky to have survived with that. Now, and really is no judgement meant with this question, but what is it that makes you want to seek for something positive while in?

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