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Posted by Charlie on January 24, 2018 at 02:21:05

In Reply to: Re: Last Best Memory posted by Emily on November 24, 2017 at 16:05:48:

Oh wow! I have so many wonderful memories of my time in the Fam. You have me drawing a blank as to what my very last best one was though. It took me ten long years to realize that I had to leave, ten long years of deep, deep depression while out trying to resolve being out. Although I was out in body for ten years, my heart and mind were still in in spirit.

At some point prior to joining the Fam during 12 long years of hopeless drug addiction I got filled with the Holy Spirit which profoundly affected me and which eventually led to me joining the Fam on His promise that 'he that saves his life shall lose it but he that loses his life for My Name's Sake the same shall save it.' I joined the Fam to serve Him and in doing that fix what was broken inside of me and by the time I came out (after having been in for thirteen years) I was still broken inside. Ha! For me it was a yieldedness thing, a Be So Happy thing. The kernel of wheat within me hadn't really fallen to the ground and died while I was in the Fam in other words. It took coming to the boards here to resolve why it would be a good thing to let the Fam go and in doing that the kernel died. I was propelled into a deep sense of inner core connectedness fully capable of standing on my own without the former dependence I had on the group, on people, on things and isms. So I guess coming to the boards would be my very best last memory of being in - as I was still very much in in heart and mind and spirit as mentioned earlier. Letting go was the 'icing on the cake' for me in becoming a fully recovered human being.

As for my best last memory of being in in body 10 years earlier, I would have to say it was how God can do anything for anybody at any time - a testimony of faith in other words. There were other profound, 'Hebrews 11' testimonies of faith during my time in the Fam but you asked for the last best mem. The home had came down with hepatitis and I was worrying about the finances cause the only 2 people capable of getting out were not very good at making it pay once they got out. Nevertheless, 'they that go out weeping shall doubtless come again bringing their sheaves with them' and bring their sheaves with them they did! I had worried for nothing.

To sum up:

I had joined the Fam to serve the Lord out of need. When I got over coming out of the Fam I could serve Him out of love.

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