Ex-Family as a young child: Not sure what happened to me

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Posted by Anon on July 13, 2020 at 06:54:54

I am a teenager whose family Im pretty sure was in The Family International from 2004-2009ish. We moved around to all these places: Syria, Iceland, Sydney and a small town in Australia a few hours from Sydney. I was pretty young so I dont remember much but what I do remember is

Reading all this propaganda lit. These characters were at the centre of it, this old guy (David Brandt, i think). I read some comic about him growing up in Oklahoma, and he had a daughter named Techi I think.

keys to the kingdom or something

this guy named David Milikan was our landlord and he seemed nice enough to 6-year-old me

We lived with a bunch of people in Sydney including this older couple named Paul and Joy. I think I used to call them Uncle Paul and Aunty Joy,

We always lived in big houses with all these other families and people and I was homeschooled

lots of bible study and stuff

we used to go to these markets in Sydney early mornings for something or other. It involved talking to people there. I remember someone saying we didnt give out tracts any more because people react badly to it or something

I dont remember anything abusive or brainwashy but its so weird looking back on it

if I acted up occasionally Id get spanked or whatever by people other than my parents

I was homeschooled all the way until we left it

I read all this weird Family Lit, but I also remember watching mainstream movies like Cars and Finding Nemo and Veggietales

Sorry if this doesnt belong here but my memory is so hazy because I was so young and my parents never talked about it or told me anything about it as I got older. I now have a completely normal life (public school, unrestricted social media, no religion at home, part time job) and nothing seems cultish/abusive in hindsight and Im reading all these horrible things about The Family and Im wondering what the fuck was going on around me during my early childhood. If anyone has any knowledge on what The Family was like - especially in Australia - in the mid-2000s, please tell me

Also Id like to keep my anonymity so I really Hope my email isnt posted publicly


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