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Posted by on April 29, 2021 at 01:52:15

Hi. I'm researching The Family International / Children of God, and I'd really like to hear what people on this forum have to say about something. My interest stems from my acquaintance with a 70-year old man who lives in our community here in Asia. He has been with The Children of God / Family International for over 50 years and, from what little he has shared with me about his past, I know that he has lived in numerous places including NYC, Latin America, Australia, and now Asia. Since the reboot and the dissolution of his group home here, he and his wife have lived by themselves and done piecemeal, part-time work to earn a meager living, yet they still 'work' as missionaries for The Family International, and they seem to send money to help support the group.

My overall impression of him at age 70 is of a fairly mild-mannered, seemingly harmless older guy with a penchant for conspiracy theories. But I strongly suspect that with 50+ years in The Children of God / Family International, he must have a number of skeletons in his closet that he'd never admit to publicly, such as knowledge of (or even participation in) illegal sexual acts involving under-age children.

For starters, there is one big question I have for anyone who's willing to reply honestly...

Q: In your opinion, is it possible for an adult male to have spent 50+ years with this group, living in various group homes in numerous countries, and not at least be aware of adult members engaging in illegal sexual relations with children? Is that possible?

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