Coming flu pandemic

Posted by Wondering on November 04, 2005 at 18:44:54

I've been watching a series on TV about doctors & pharmaceutical companies fighting the super-bugs now threatening the world. I heard years ago about how penicillin was no longer effective in many cases but these shows really spell it out in scary detail. Many germs & viruses have developed resistance & become super-bugs. Common diseases like TB are coming back in countries they've been gone from for 100 years but this time round they're super-bugs & the medicines that stopped them before aren't stopping them this time.

They also talked about the coming avian flu pandemic, spreading from birds in SE Asia to humans, & how they're expecting it to soon mutate so that it spreads from human to human & kills millions of people around the world. Then they said something that jolted my memory. Scientists have figured out that the Spanish Influenza that killed millions around the world after WWI was ALSO an avian flu! That made me think of this Mo quote from 'Survival',

I was born.....on February 18, 1919. This was during the great Spanish influenza epidemic which killed millions only three months after World War I, but God spared me!

I don't believe God spared someone destined to become as evil as Berg while allowing millions of more innocent people to die. I think 'time & chance happeneth to them all.'