The hidden Masonic menace behind Teddy Bears

Posted by Rightwing Research Dept. on March 11, 2003 at 12:16:32

In Reply to: Re: Byron! Children's dolls are abominable idols? posted by Bryon on March 10, 2003 at 21:23:37:

Byron, it is admirable that you condemn Barbie dolls as “idols” saying they’re named after a Nazi butcher, but how can you praise Teddy Bears which are named after a Masonic president of the United States?

You said, “I have heard that Barbie dolls were actually named after a man named Barbie. Klaus Barbie the Nazi butcher. Some people in the world have a real sick sense of humor. My teddy bear is Christian so I'm not to concerned about him.” You later said, “I have a little stuffed bear just next to me that just smiled a little ... He has been really well behaved, so far, and I am really not expecting any problems. So, thank you Jesus for cute fluffy toys.”

Byron, while it is good that your are aware of the Nazi origins of Barbie dolls, you seem to be unaware that Teddy Bears are named after Pres. Teddy Roosevelt, as this article shows:

Many people have often wondered and even debated over how the teddy bear got its name. We can thank the 26th president of the United States, Theodore, or Teddy Roosevelt, for giving the teddy bear his name. In November 1902, this popular family man took a four-day break from politics to attend a bear hunt in Mississippi. The President was unlucky, and his only chance of a kill was a bear cub cornered and tied to a tree. He of course, refused to shoot it. The incident was illustrated in the Washington Post by the political cartoonist Clifford K. Berryman. Within a year, the cartooon bear had been transformed into a toy for children - the teddy bear.

Are Teddy Bears “harmless” children’s toys? Or are they idols created by Masons bent on taking over the world? Read this next article: “Was Teddy Roosevelt A Mason?” and judge for yourself. I hope by the time churches have finished reading this article, every Teddy Bear in America will be burned.

"Teddy Roosevelt was a Mason. Here are the facts, as reported [with a little editing for brevity’’s sake] by his Masonic brothers at the Matinecock Lodge.

"The first Master of Matinecock Lodge, William Lincoln Swan, was a close friend and neighbor of the Roosevelt family. William Jones Youngs, a charter member of Matinecock Lodge and the personal secretary to Theodore Roosevelt, proposed him for membership. At the time he completed his petition for membership, Roosevelt was Governor of New York and Vice-President-elect, having won election with Brother William McKinley a few weeks earlier. His petition was received accompanied by the usual $5.00 fee on November 28,1900. On his petition, a copy of which hangs in Matinecock Lodge, he listed his age as 42, place of birth, New York City, place of business, Albany, and his occupation, Governor.
Three weeks after his inauguration as Vice President of the United States on March 4, 1901, Theodore Roosevelt was announced as being in readiness for examination in the first degree at a regular communication-on March 27, 1901. After a "very satisfactory" examination the candidate was passed to the degree of fellowcraft. It was reported at the time that he knew the material so well that he corrected those conducting the examination when they erred.

The evening of April 24,1901 was truly a "Grand Affair." The raising of Theodore Roosevelt was presided over by R:.W:.Edward M.L. Ehlers, Grand Secretary... Only those holding tickets were permitted entry into the lodge rooms. The narrow stairway leading to the third floor lodge room was said to have been so jammed with visitors trying to get in that the Vice President had to be raised up over the heads of the visitors and passed up the stairs. Considering Roosevelt's bulk this would seem to have been quite a task.

The following September 6th an assassin shot Brother William McKinley in the Temple of Music at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, and upon his death on September 14, 1901, Brother Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as 26th President of the United States of America."

Byron, it is not enough to expose the wickedness of Nazi Barbie dolls. It is urgent to expose the Masonic menace behind Teddy Bears as well. Burn your Teddy Bears today!!!