Self deliverance journey.

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Posted by on January 31, 2019 at 13:26:11

I experienced salvation alone with the Lord and soon afterwards joined up in the COG.(1973). Later in my sixties after being a fringe member for quite some time wondered why I was depressed seeing how it all seemed like a waste of time. Never had another visit from the Lord like the first one, so I began to seek God through different mystic teachers, mostly the pentecostal types. More rubbish. I was led to began a repentance program. Looked up all the sins I could find in the Bible and began to confess them to the Lord. I was getting deliverance from childhood traumas. Being broken like this is why many join cults to find some kind of community which was lacking in home life.Finally, I discovered the men of Nineveh were to judge the unbelieving jews in the gospel. These people were not even Israel and were to be destroyed by God Himself. I got to reading how they actually repented. It seemed rather simple: fast , wear sackcloth, sit in ashes and call out to God , so He might turn from the coming destruction. I was led by the Spirit to engage the repentance prayers I wrote up and had a large pile of tree ash out in the yard from burning a stump. I did this on a blood moon night lying there in sackcloth untill I could not read anymore. A supernatural force was upon me and I won't say more due to the mockers present reading this post.You can repent yourself and have your own experience if you can humbler yourself this way. I wondered about this and how often would I have to do it, etc. There was another blood moon about six months later so I engaged the process during the morning, fell asleep and woke up to something supernatural in the kitchen above where I was lying in the ashes in the basement. It stayed for several hours and left. Further study in the Word confirmed what it was all about. Ancient hebrew repentance and humbling rituals. There is healing in it for the body and the land. It is humbling and you don't have to wait for a blood moon to engage it. Works anytime. I have been doing this for years now and through it learned how to meditate in the ashes and dust I discovered how to mourn for just about everything as it is one hell of a mess everywhere. The demons are gone and finally becoming friends with the God of Abraham. How do I feel? James says to lament mourn and weep and Jesus called the one church poor , blind , miserable, wretched and naked. Now I am in a miserable and wretched state. Can't find anyone to mourn this way with me , the religious folk are all too righteous and everyone doesn't want to abhor themselves like Job did in dust and ashes. Jesus was right when He said all men while hate you, to the apostles. Get the repentance procedure right and Satan's war machine is quick to respond. All I needed was the Word and the willingness to model the forfathers repentance found in the Old testament. There is a lot more to report, but you don't have to believe any of this and I would be amazed if anyone else could even attempt to try it out themselves after the responses I get from church people, etc.

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