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Posted by Long time exer on June 18, 2019 at 07:07:36

Sort of. I donít believe in any deity, but in nature, and that there is more to life than this world. I view religions as tacking down spirituality to fit in boxes. Whatever your box is or isnít, I am glad if you have something that comforts you.
I would also never dismiss an atheist because in a sense, that is a belief as well. For many atheists, morality is simply leading a meaningful life and caring about the world around them.
For myself, I am certain there is no such place where people are tormented forever and ever. I suppose I believe more along the lines of reincarnation.
Not stepping from one cult to another, I am exploring on an individual level something more akin to Buddhism and Paganism. I am relieved not to define it within a specific religion. I am wondering about otherís journeys that may be similar.

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