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Posted by Analyzer on November 04, 2008 at 08:03:17

The wonder is that radicals of the far right seldom realize how isolated they are. Intelligent and articulate, they dismiss so much one can only wonder if they are ever able to judge without a book that absolutely spells out all conditions. My granny used to have a name for them, he's a book page, she would said. Her reason was that, she explained, a page belongs to a book only, and only knows the words it has. In other words, she would continue, they are without soul and miss the spirit that the words carry.

Sadly, she was right and I have come to know many such people. There are extremists in both sides of any issue. In politics, there are extremists in the right and in the left. It is hilarious to hear that socialism is an extreme but it makes sense when you realize that it comes from somebody on the right extreme.

I am not defending the extreme left but of both sides, the isolation of the right makes them more incline to error. The pharisees were on the right side of the spectrum, so are the Republicans but that doesn't necessarily make them extremists. Not all of them are. Extremism takes too much time and not everybody has it. Also, it takes a fair amount of ambition, and not everybody has that either.

So, who is an extremist?

There are reports that were not broadly publicized and that indicate the existence of a strong connection between right wing extremism and Sarah Palin. In fact, her husband seems to have been a major activist. Read the following report about the connection:

So, who is a radical extremist? Maybe your neighbor, for all you know.

Bush was wrong when he decided to enter the war disregarding the advise of the people and the world. His friend McCain is wrong by supporting the war and wanting to continue it. Paling is wrong by dismissing the Constitution.

Things like that are the reason that there is even a group called Republicans for Obama ().

That is because the vast majority of people are NOT extremist. McCain is a maverick, a good person, possibly even a good senator, but he has poor judgment. That is what is coming out clearly. Only the extremist in the Republican Party, who are trying to run away from what is good from the country, think otherwise. The reason is simple. They are afraid of losing the handle of the fry pan.

We need change, change now! Vote for Barak Obama. He is definitely more American than many of his detractors in the cloud of extremism brought to your homes by the activism of the radical right wing.

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