daughter's wake up call

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Posted by MG on November 05, 2008 at 00:45:12

Here in W. Europe the results came in throughout the middle of the night, no way I was able to stay awake, much less be ready for work this morning as well.

But my SG daughter felt compelled to phone me (even though she knew she'd be waking me up) as she celebrated upon hearing the announcement of Obama's victory.

This gives me a chance to be a proud father. She's an SG who left the F. before I did, because she wanted to go to universtiy. She self-studied to pass the GED and do her SAT's, got student loans, and moved to the midwest ...completely unknown territory for someone who'd never lived in the States before, and only knew how things were in her Grandmom's hometown in TX. Within 2 years she had good enough grades to transfer to the Univ of Texas, a better University, where she had a place to live at her grandmom's, and gradutated one year early, with honors. Since then she's earned a dual master's degree, and she's now well on her way to earning a doctorate in, of all things, political science. She can speak, read and write in French and Russian, and she's now a happy Obama voter.

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