Combatants for peace

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Posted by Farmer on November 09, 2008 at 16:48:16

Moved me to tears this initiative, when I saw a report on TV today from some world correspondants...showing some of the projects of the combatants for peace, started by the ex Israeli army officer Chen Alon...& since the Palestinians can't come to Israel, the Israeli activists go to Palestine...They showed the excursion of Palestinian kids who were given into the care of the Israeli activists for one day, to take them to the beach near Tel see their joy seeing the sea for the first time in their life (yet not far from them actually) was really moving & this trust and cooperation between two people at odds/war, also showing the life of a single mother, who was herself once a terrorist and having lost her husband in an "action"...but now pledging her life to peaceful coexistence was deeply moving...even if global powers might have different "goals"...I still think they are doing marvellous. Here's their homepage:

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