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Posted by Peace on November 14, 2008 at 20:45:58

In Reply to: Re: Ombudsman posted by sawyer on November 13, 2008 at 18:09:01:

I agree that the form of a having an internal critical voice doesn't mean much anywhere. Many factors come into play, specially when a business has defined product and customers. Newspapers are just one more part of the machine in spite of the idealistic view that news are supposed to be neutral. Not even journalism schools teach that. The truth is that the idealistic view is only one but many other people have a more modern view (and pragmatic) of journalism. This one says that each media channel must have its own voice and differentiate from others.

That is why we have interpretations of the news being presented as facts, we have FOX News and Limbaugh spreading their points of views as if they were absolute. The onus is in the reader to filter out and that is not as easy as it seems, not even for experts.

Now, since you know so much about the ombudsman in WP, should we expect a brief about the one for FOX?

(When I ask this last question I am thinking of Obama's comment on the fact that McCain's ads were so critical of him. He said something to the effect that they spend so much time talking about him, one would think that they have nothing else to talk about.)

(I have often wonder why conservatives, for the most part, have so much to say about liberal politics. Would it be because they don't really have anything real to contribute with? I actually suspect that is the case.)

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