Obama and the AC--Some thoughts for fun

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Posted by on November 24, 2008 at 03:08:46

This is just for fun and to provoke your thoughts and comments.

--Ok, so the AC must arise out of Egypt, the land of Ham, from which Obama has his roots.
--The world will 'worship' him. Did you see the TV shots of people all around the world in jubilation and celebration over his election win?
--He'll bring a 'solution' to the world's economic woes. Boy, everyone's looking to the most powerful leader of the free world to somehow come up with a way to navigate us out of this world-wide economic recession-depression.
--He'll not have a desire for women. Well, of course he's married but there seems to be no indication that he's a womanizer like Clinton.
--He'll enter the world stage seemingly overnight. Obama was an unknown until his speech at the 2004 Democratic convention and, even after that, most people really didn't know much about him until he won the Iowa primary.
--He'll have near super-intelligence. Obama is extremely intelligent and has put together a transition team which seems to be hitting on all cylinders. His mis-steps seem to be almost non-existent and his picks for cabinet posts and other high level jobs have nearly all gone through without debate or much criticism by the pundits. This guy is truly amazingly brilliant.

The world seems to be pinning their hopes on this man and expectations that he will bring about a positive change are very high. These are just a few of my thoughts. Do you have anything to add or comment on?

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