Do you think Iran's...

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Posted by Joshua on October 09, 2008 at 14:12:04

In Reply to: Re: One main reason I'm for Obama posted by Mr. Don on October 09, 2008 at 12:31:33:

Do you think Iran's nuclear assets in Iran are or would be really coming dangerous enough to threaten Israel? As says elsewhere around, Iran's leader doesn't command its army but other factions either.

I agree it's surprising in fact though that Arab countries didn't retaliate more than that towards Israel with how they play with Arabs in Palestine! Without USA as you well know Israel might have disappeared since a long time maybe!

But tell yourself that Israel isn't the only one to have nuclear bombs around! Pakistan has and didn't mean to bomb them as other countries as Russia or Syria despite Israel'S involvements in Palestine.

I'm not for one side or another evidently as for me crap is within all World's governments much, but we should see what is the real level of danger from a country before...just bombing it, no?! :) Do you think USA should have retired from Irak yourself by now or not?...

Are you sure to defend that country from coming an Al Quaeda resort is the only reason why USA's Army is there present?...

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