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Posted by Farmer on January 06, 2009 at 13:08:51

In Reply to: Re: Dream on posted by CB on December 19, 2008 at 19:17:40:

It does say though in the article, that it might take some time...centuries(not my view though)...but the article is just in line with many cries for international ...worldwide-solutions...a more "centralistic" approach...I know, that the UN has been weak for decades, so does the EU seem as far as tackling foreign affairs/problems are concerned...but "they" are trying their level to get "their" act together...& if you take into account what the chief rabbi of Jerusalem/Israel wishes, a UN-type of forum for all the (major) religions...then that smells...TF probably jumps on these kinds of news...but to be frank, I too think, that there is a handwriting at the wall & if you "refuse" to comment on that side & major on some fringe-aspects...I wonder who is dreaming & hoping big-time...just a visit at Detroit or other places might instill the impression, that the crisis is really big & as far as I am concerned: a crisis can be used to "mold" the "will" of people...never mind some US-backward-states...they are push-overs in the "global-solution"...just think of the "environmentprotection-CO2-hype", a nice lever to make people feel uncomfortable about their consumptions some people in power are really working, driving at the problem, to pay the fiddler...partying-fever/feeling seems for now a bit over or not?...add the near east longtime problems I wonder at what analysis/summation you wind up at?...I don't have the time to delve into the subject here with quotations of more eloquent/learned journalists, but the tenor of even more moderate web-portals is strikingly I am a bit disappointed at your "appeasement-attitude"...or may be I missinterpreted your stance?

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