Re: Obama: Muslim ?Christian?...none of it?

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Posted by Farmer on February 21, 2009 at 08:47:18

In Reply to: Re: Obama: Muslim ?Christian?...none of it? posted by Don on February 21, 2009 at 07:21:16:

Thanks for the reply...but you seem to insinuate, that I'd know what you've already known...if I'd known, that he made a decision (whatever that is theologically...I rather stick to Acts 2 where Peter was asked by the audience, what they should do...well repenting - IMO also asking for forgiveness - & getting baptised...)...I'd refrained from putting the question marks, but frankly, he's not yet known to the Germanic readers/viewers/adience as a born again Christian.
That sets him somewhat apart from G.W.Bush where such news where more whidespread.That Obama was/is visiting some church & left one for some reason
is though known to me...only that visiting a church doesn't make anyone necessarily a Christian

Chancellor Merkel is part of the CDU and daughter of a Lutheran pastor, if I remember that right...that wouldn't necessarily make her born again & also what is she then taking invitations of the Bilderbergers etc. (a bit similar to Bush's past...which is puzzling)

You know that I had a bit of a problem with G.W.Bush as well on the old soap-box...the wife of our youth-pastor is incidentally American, by upbringing Baptist & is convinced Bush is for "real" (Christian)...I wish that all to be & in the end only God knows...there are some other youtube clips I viewed, they might explain, why he (Obama) got in that interview his tongue in a twist...I could add them some other time... other than that only God knows & the witnesses on earth & if you could provide some links, I don't have to google, but admit, that it's not my most urgent subject, all the while, I am thankful, if you'd provide that, being in the know.TX

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