google results and religious politics

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Posted by Googleer on February 22, 2009 at 00:14:13

In Reply to: Re: Obama: Muslim ?Christian?...none of it?..googleresults posted by Farmer on February 21, 2009 at 10:04:53:

Thank you for the "homework" you did. I looked at all of the stories and I came up with something I have heard before. I will try to summarize it here for you.

If google is the only source of one's information, one should also google the sources and the sources of the sources. I doubt anybody has the time to spend on that.

I say this because goggle does not discriminate among the sources and one can hardly know what is a good, real or unbias source. The best would be to read a lot to see more than one side of the story except that there is one problem, repetition of the same line over and over again. The reader must be careful in believe than "many times" means truth.

Preponderance of items is not equal to veracity.

I, for my part, looking at the fruits of the last administration of the US, don't believe it was divinely inspired. I think their inspiration came from "the other" side, but how do I know if only with my own discernment? By their fruits ye shall know them. They inflicted pain not only on others but on their own.

On the other hand, why is this Christian vs. Muslim argument so important to some? Is there something inherently wrong with the idea that Obama may have a different set of beliefs other than Christian? Is Christianity of the "born again" type a requirement to be a good president?

I don't think so, neither the vast majority of American citizens who voted for Obama.

The funny thing is that the Christian "family" in the USA is being torn by the thought of whether to support or denounce the president of what they believe is a Christian country. How can a country so fractured as the US be Christian? Maybe the only country that could say that is the Vatican. Ha!

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