Re: Sam Perfilio raped my wife

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Posted by Fish on April 14, 2009 at 06:00:26

In Reply to: Re: Sam Perfilio raped my wife posted by place to contact on April 06, 2009 at 01:24:59:

Nah, they were never interested before, so why would they NOW.

But at that time, he literally thought that all the sheep were his for the mating, regardless if they were married or not. The fear of not obeying his suggestion to his bedroom, was paramount to disobediance and would have meant he would hold a grudge against that couple or single girl as was in our case. As a complained about the rape, and the giving of my wife a sexually transmitted disease that could have deformed our foetus of our daughter in the womb. But he blamed the disease on us, even though he gave that same disease to all the girls he mated with or raped in his tour of the Philippines.

For from apir of trabeling 16 years olds who got this disease from him as well, we found out the extent of his perfidity. e taking one day doseages paid for by tiths to cure himself while never ever informing those he inficted.

And yet he will be the next F leader and will be worse than MO, in his apetitte for plundering. Ha, but the Lord has promised that his time will be short, and he will be no more and will pay as much as he has made others suffer. Its a promise.

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