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Posted by Farmer on August 28, 2009 at 15:45:17

In Reply to: Re: Rugs and plastic posted by mir on August 25, 2009 at 20:27:04:

Well, you're right...on the other hand, I think, worrying "endlessly" can also be damaging ; )

I think/believe, you must have a good concern for environment-related issues?!...if I just consider all the news, what man in his greed & need does to nature...shudder...but then, I do believe, that the creator makes the earth new again...that's a promise & I don't believe man is
able to cope with all the population-related problems in the meantime...I once read a book about the problems in some places in the world because of only cotton & tobacco fields if you don't help the Africans e.g. to help themselves...they still don't cultivate the land as would be good (to become selfsufficient)...even where there's plenty of water (oh, well, then their is the seed-problem of Monsanto and the like etc....)

The trouble with plastic often stems from the softeners they use, additions, to get some needed characteristics of the material & you're right, we're just surrounded by it...

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