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Posted by Coordinator on March 17, 2010 at 07:59:58

In Reply to: Re: Fish, did you detail already... posted by Observer on April 28, 2009 at 03:13:34:

You received a reply to your post, but we didn't bother to let it through.

This thread was started by a poster who is actually banned due to the considerable amount of moderation and attention that will ultimately be required of coordinators whenever he is allowed to fully interact on the boards. He typically tries to find his way back in by posting moderately short-and-sweet posts at first, but once granted full access to the boards, begins to war with all other board users, posting profusely, usually at the ratio of 20 posts to one.

We had considered giving him a chance and let his initial posts through to see how he would behave. Predictably, he reverted to his modus operandi in "replying" to your post. You didn't miss anything. It was a non-reply, really. He did not actually answer your question, but took the opportunity to dredge up his version of past events and old quarrels from years gone by that occured on some other websites, etc.--all of which had nothing to do with addressing the content of your post.

It is usually a matter of time before he gets everyone upset, slipping in digs and accusations and making it all about himself. Disagree with him, and it is because he is being "persecuted" or curbed for "following Jesus" while no one else does. He will also generate volumes of harassing e-mails behind the scenes and send them to anyone and everyone he wants to fight with. He has not respected the rules, nor fellow board users, nor the coordinators, and he continues to disrespect them now. We won't bother to let his posts through anymore.

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