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Posted by Farmer on April 10, 2010 at 07:33:41

In Reply to: Re: I'm getting a divorce posted by Pastor Don on April 09, 2010 at 22:19:17:

Seeking divorce is anyway wrong...the guy should know that...what Bible does he read?????

Marxists in America...quite a joke...pls. get real...even if some existed (McCarthy-"rage")...they never made a splash ... never made news across the atlantic...your democrats are so mainstream and
burgeois by European standard...I think some love the exaggeration and the exploitation of fears.

Germany had both stateforms (plus Hitler's dictatorship before, not to name aristocracy etc.) and as appalling as much was, it's important who rules in your any event you cannot ordain good faith...Christianity from the top...or do you believe in that?...I haven't seen that working in history...but do correct me.

The reason I see that America had a stronger Christian tradition...also in statehood is that the early religious refugees had a strong faith and also kept that alive...only, that you cannot ordain a majority rule of such per se...kind of contradicts what I get by reading of the Word...pls. correct me, if I am wrong.

In any event, I see that as a must in endtime-events/ I also don't worry...don't you????

And bad grieve...even if the whole Obama thing is so bad...well, then comes @ next election...big deal...some people got problems???!!!

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