Support your local musicians, pay taxes!!

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Posted by Drummer on May 20, 2010 at 09:52:29

In Reply to: Re: It's still insulting, it's still old thinking posted by Musician on May 20, 2010 at 08:55:03:

I am encouraged now. I haven't been successful but am willing to continue my musical career. I just have to keep my mom happy. She has suggested I should get my own place and move out of her living-room but, where would I go? I only have the coins she lets me borrow from her grocery shopping change. I even try to keep silence in the house by sending my 15 months son out with LeAnne (my girlfriend) but the neighbors started to complain. Is it my fault that they are already in bed at 2 AM? Give me a break!

And I don't even practice at home! I practice in the drum circle I have helped put together. Once a pioneer, always a pioneer! And we have never gone past 8 PM to show how sensitive we are. We have never talked back to the police officers that come to tell us to stop playing. I am with Musician, people should support the arts.

Those who have the money should support those who don't, including musicians like myself. We are people too. How can it be okay to use that money to kill people and fight a stupid war, instead of feeding the future, your own children and musicians, like my mom does.

Okay, as an out-of-work drummer I'd like to ask. Why spending on infidels in other countries instead of letting me get the money that I so rightly deserve? People like Pastor Don work, make money and pay their taxes, of course. People like me who don't work (lack of appreciation for my art) still contribute in one form or another. I even have my own drum. I wish I could pay taxes to help people. I don't understand those who want to pay taxes to support the war machine and let their own children starve to death.

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