For Don, re: Israel-TFI comparison

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Posted by Observer on June 06, 2010 at 16:32:43

Well, Don, with all due respect, but I think it has become very apparent that all of Israel’s cherished paradigms do not seem to work anymore. Their very foundation is crumbling. If their modus operandi doesn’t change as drastically as TFI modus has, I see little chance for them in the long term. Not even in the near term.

-The whole world is up in arms about them rather than admiring them as in days past.

Their policy of “slow and creeping genocide” to get rid of their Palestinian problem is being questioned openly. Their aim of neutralizing and getting rid of the Palestinians, just as the US neutralized their native Indian population, has only one flaw: Arabs and Muslims can’t be bribed with alcohol…
The US is at present only supporting them with words of solace – no more real deeds. This administration has already decided that Israel interests are not in alignment with their own anymore. Watch as this settles in.
Their apartheid occupation atrocity, the longest the modern world has seen, is being widely exposed and condemned. It will have to change. Talking won’t do the trick anymore
Their strongest traditional regional ally, Turkey, has taken an irreversible course away from them. God only knows how this will play out, but believe me it won’t play out in Israel’s favor.
It is becoming very apparent to real insiders that a two state solution will never work. It’s much too late for that. Hence, though behind hands, the only real solution is being discussed more openly these days: a one state solution!
Believe me, things are coming to a head for this country and their old tricks of brutal suppression and eternal “peace-talks” are not working anymore. If they would change as radical as TFI, they might have a chance, but even then, as it is with TFI, it may be a case of too little too late.
Anyway, just for what it is worth.

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