Soapbox 'Rules and Guidelines' and politics and religion

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Posted by A coordinator on August 17, 2010 at 16:20:21

First a quick quote from Soap Box's Rules and guidelines: "This board has near-zero moderation..." As a result I didn't see until today that in the thread immediately below on "Patriotism" there are comments that discussing religion and politics combined is not allowed on Soap Box. Actually if you read the Rules and Guidelines for Soap Box this isn't really true. "This board has near-zero moderation and was placed here mainly for the purpose of political discussions. Express yourself, feel free to say just about anything you like, but be sensible and show courtesy and respect."

There's a lot of religion in politics and a lot of politics in religion, which sometimes may make discussing politics without some religious discussion somewhat difficult.

Soap Box is not at all like the Generation Exers board which as the Rules and Guidelines there say, in part: "...we wish to offer a place where eXers can discuss their ideas, hopes, despairs and aspirations freely and not feel compelled to relate everything religiously."

Just a suggestion: for anyone who has any questions on what's allowed, or what isn't, from board to board, to read through the Rules and Guidelines for each board.

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