Re: Is Grant Montgomery a Socialist/Communist?

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Posted by Farmer on December 26, 2010 at 12:59:13

In Reply to: Re: Is Grant Montgomery a Socialist/Communist? posted by Pastor Don on December 25, 2010 at 08:05:39:

PD thanks for sharing that...but I would like to urge you to quote at least a couple of things which are communist to you, I just read a couple of pages and they just stressed the thing about the differences in access to fortunes/income/riches in the different parts of the world.That calculation is a bit flawed, because you can live on much less in the 3rd world and you have industrialists with huge wealth in..let's say India...who don't seem to share much...Other than you...I suppose...I was pretty much exposed to socialist and marxist thinking...I don't think you ever had some genuine communists in the US ; ) now don'
t get mad at me...but seriously point some hard core communist out for me and please don't say Obama is one

I think even German chancellor Merkel is more socialist than him as far as government aid-thinking is assumption and she is "right wing"/ don't ask, what the hard-core communists in Germany want...whoever is left of them

But I do think you have that real "funny scare" over there in the US...something traumatic from the "cold war"...just my feeling...but at times that is amusing to read your being "scared"...and if you know anything about Italy, where you've been...well you know that Berlusconi probably just bought himself some votes to survive otherwise there are people sick of his politics too...right wing is not always the
moral best.

Of course I know about the persecution of the churches worldwide under the communists.The problem is, that the capitalists were immoral themselves and you can see that from the last crash couple of years say otherwise would be blind IMO to the woes coming through turbo-capitalism...anyway there is enough in the good old book to consider sharing with the poor...only that you cannot enforce that...but what is wrong in inviting people to do so...see my post about US billionaires who did out of free that is like setting an example!!!

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