Re: Is Radical Islam a Cult?

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Posted by long time exer on March 21, 2011 at 12:50:42

In Reply to: Re: Is Radical Islam a Cult? posted by Pastor Don on March 21, 2011 at 09:06:41:

I could say that reaction from mainstream Christianity has been slow or sometimes absent when it comes to Hillsborough Baptist Church, or issues of sexual abuse by clergy or church staff in Christian churches, not just the Catholic church. I can tell you that in my own life, a close friend who was molested by baptist church staff when she was a child, called and reported to the church what happened to her as she realized this same man was working with children in the church. The pastor's office staff completely blew her off and kept their pervert in his job, completely covered up. It is not the church or the religion that does this, it is the extremist or bent members that do things like this, whether murdering souls with child sexual abuse, or murdering families in the name of their religion. Mainstream churches do not back up these actions, but they remain silent or even cover up the bad stuff because they don't want their church or religion associated with this. There are Israelis and Palestinians that do want peace in their part of the world. Then there are the extremists as well as the volatility in the region. With Islam growing so fast, why is Christianity not keeping pace?
Anyway, thanks for your civil discussion and I do not direct anything I am saying at you personally.
I haven't heard much about violence in Ireland and England between Protestant and Catholics, but that conflict has been about so much more than religion. I guess some is just habit and continued revenge. That does not mean that all Christianity is about sexually abusive clergy and staff or blowing up bombs and killing civilians because they are Catholic or Protestant.

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