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Posted by Blue on May 01, 2011 at 05:25:16

In Reply to: Re: Gee, Don... posted by Observer on April 27, 2011 at 07:38:57:

I agree with PD that it is important to define the terms. Otherwise what we are talking about?

Here it can be seen that you equate PD’s christianity with the kind your definition of dangerous crackpots of all sorts hold as truth, including what extremes radical Islam (*) has to offer in this vein as well as the kind of “christianity” that is used as a cover for any political agenda, or any agenda for that matter.

Since you say ‘so-called Cristianity’ I take it you don’t see any of these as biblical christianity(?). So perhaps you really do not mean christianity, but rather any arbitrary spirituality that may lurk behind a mask of commonly recognized so-called christianity?

Once you see this game for what it is worth, the question ‘why’ must be answered, or it will all be just non-sense.

(*) According to Richard Dreyfuss (and others), fanatical Islam, The Islamic Brotherhood (by extension Al Qaida, the Taliban et al) are all necessary creatures of “western” intelligence, and as such supported by the same entities that official intelligence publicly condemn.
Even to this day there are lots of places around the world where christians are murdered daily at the hands of “western” supported extreme – and ignorant - muslims. (I put “western” in quotation marks because these are global interests, not merely western.)

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