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Posted by Farmer on May 03, 2011 at 22:36:38

In Reply to: Re: History is written by the winners... posted by Observer on May 03, 2011 at 17:24:48:

Ok ...Observer...I see your point and this is a winning one in a's not nice to rejoice over someone's death in general I am with that line of the two main churches in Germany.On the other hand you are simply assuming on how Christ is reacting...I like to throw in Psalm 2:4 into the ring

...our chancellor Merkel made a comment which is on the same level than PD's & is now heavily criticised by the opposition...the real big moralisers...the greens e.g....which are individually sometimes pro paedophiles...just imagine their super great morality

...however I tried to relativate all that with scripture and say...are we never to jubilate over the victory of Christ over HIS enemies???...and He got that right with the life He lived

...I know I/we don't...but if you zero in on the scriptures I mentioned as first reaction...then do we really see no room to feel relieved of people who committed countless grave sins....nobody seems to dare saying: ...I am sad, that Pol Pot is dead...or Hitler or Stalin...I spoke with Russians about that...the historic facts are enough for that...they are a bit like the Pharaoh resisting...and some day they are meeting their destruction...

Pharaoh got killed by sad...isn't that a bit of a "silly analogy"..or wouldn't that be too ironic...

I know I didn't kill Bin Laden...I know Romans 13 is true...and I know Bin Laden's biography doesn't read like the scroll of honours...may be for muslims...and I know that be it Navy seal-soldiers as Bin Laden have above them not an earthly judge but a heavenly unless people claim God's mercy by accepting Christ...then they are not forgiven...and Bin Laden's conversion to Christianity I didn't hear about...and all this crap about conversion...I mean, can you imagine the thought of converting the antichrist or false prophet...sometimes evangelism is a dead end street

Also in the face of the victims I find that moralising discussion in the news also a bit questionable.

Furthermore I would like to challenge this desk-style-attitude of conversion of we really know what that entails???..

I do remember the little team of TFI which translated Mo-letters into Arabic...also heard later news of how people of TFI were imprisoned...I know the story of how TFI-members fled Afghanistan for distributing controversial comics---depicting God...simply a no-no...kind of a know your meat situation.

Ain't easy anyway to convert a muslim...but it happens...just watch the youtube-clips about conversions of muslim...I liked them.

And it would be interesting to hear of former muslims...whether that was now a sad day...that Bin laden is dead.

All I know is...that Romans 13 is true still and that whoever holds an American passport kind of owes allegiance to the actions of his earthly government...

the same is true for Germany which was & still is sometimes kind of generally held accountable for the atrocious actions in the last century.

One can be ashamed for his government though...frankly I never ever liked the dropping of the two atom-bombs on defenseless civilians...
tough to side then and due to other actions at times with America/the US

However...I am not sure whether the other Asians were so happy about the then Japanese military drive either...same goes for Germany...nowadays you can hardly motivate the Germans to go in for
any conflict...the abstaining in the Libya-voting
speaks volumes or the attitude in the Irak-conflict...that was Schröder's publicity-stunt prior the elections...and it proved he was right

The question is...whether you always a politician...not as a Christian...from the use of force.

What is Romans 13 then there for?? always quote the sermon on the mountain is a bit lame...funny Berg would use that to show that you can kind of lust for women...because it would be impossible not to...he said it can't be it's quoted here to mean...we can keep it (emphasis would be on always...sometimes in life you keep it...mostly in our sleep ; ) ) ...yes????

Kind of "rich" of people to make all kind of demands (also on the boards here)...of how Christians should behave...and the catholic church is also a bit quick to reprimand its believers...but seems to go silent...when it comes to really great genocides...see the persecution of the Jews in world-war 2 by the the catholic church is always morally right???...

May be they are learning by their very grave mistakes in the past.

I find that a bit "rich" I said.

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