Some opinions of people in India from approvalto conspiracy/disbelief

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Posted by Farmer on May 05, 2011 at 06:24:20

In Reply to: Re: Some opinion of Indian scholars posted by Farmer on May 04, 2011 at 22:13:02:

am murthy (kolkatta)
4 mins ago (03:39 PM)
They showed the dead body of third grade iraqi terrorist al zarqawi ,invited the entire global media to photograph his body ,and they have not shown a single photo of the worlds most wanted man ????????and if he was unarmed like the reports claim why was he not taken alive and hanged like saddam ???why was he so quickly buried in the sea .the truth is osama is probably alive and laughing or he must have died years ago ,when us got a confirmation of this ,they planned this exercise for obama's second term !!i simply dont believe worlds most powerful terrorist had no weopon ,no bodyguards ,and was living inside an apartment ,FAK
8 mins ago (03:35 PM)
Why US did not capture osama live and trail in court? is it only India has to do such things for likes of Kasab????? come on India whole world witnessed 26/11 attack. what the hell you want these criminals to say, just kill them. Jai hind

rohan (mumbai)
8 mins ago (03:35 PM)
This is a lesson , we should also do the same with kasab...... I believe US must have warned pakistan to tell the truth to get themsleves saved. Will this lead to more terrorism.???....According to them laws are made to be broken!!!!
Murthy (Bangalore)
9 mins ago (03:34 PM)
Both USA and Pakistan are fooling people. As far as India is concerned both are jealous on India's growth. Pakistan far away from India economical growth. And taking China as supporting tool to threat India. whereas USA directly supporting Pakistan and lending 300 Cr $ money every month as to by pass India from growth. But nothing works out, India is going to Super power soon. And India is going to be safest place on earth. (Even Pakistani feels India is safest place)

Vijay Banga (New Delhi, India)
11 mins ago (03:32 PM)
There are still hundreds to go before any semblance of sanity is felt and so too the prevention of reorganising of many terror groups has become a full time occupation for a very large number of people

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