Re: any comment on this Aussie-ruling???

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Posted by long time exer on June 13, 2011 at 11:08:21

In Reply to: Re: any comment on this Aussie-ruling??? posted by blue on June 02, 2011 at 06:53:13:

When you think about it, Berg wrote favorably about Fidel, but he also wrote favorably about Franco. He called Gadafi "God-afi". There's nothing communist about Gadafi or Franco. It seems to me that Berg was an opportunist, not a communist. Any country that would support him he would favor as long as it allowed him to infiltrate their society/culture. Whether dictator, democrat, right wing left wing. It didn't matter.
He was very pro-Israeli until his dreams of opening a kibbutz in Israel were smashed. Then he became anti-Jew and pro Arab. It was always about advantage. What system gave TF an advantage? What system rejected him? That was were his politics laid. His objectification of women, his stance of everybody- men, women and children- being his property basically, was typical of a narcissitic personality disordered person. He was on his side and that is it. Praise to whomever accepted him for as long as they did. To question him or to criticise him gave anyone/everyone, country or individual, the status of being demonically influenced.
When it comes to issues common in society such as gay rights, that has nothing to do with cults. It is a normal but minority orientation and I am glad it is being recognized as such. I don't see schools teaching graphic gay sex. They are instead starting to introduce that there are more family situations than male/female and children. This way, children who have gay parents, or single parent household, don't have to worry about coming to school and being ridiculed or teased and tortured for being from a household that is different.

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