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Posted by on June 24, 2011 at 14:54:53

In Reply to: Re: Weinergate posted by Pastor Don on June 12, 2011 at 07:18:06:

MG and Pastor Don:
I have worked in a Psych hospital, where the team consisted of both psychiatrists and psychologists, as well as nurses and Psychiatric Specialists/Technicians, like I was at Houston’s Ben Taub Neuropsychiatric Center. I have also worked at a rehab hospital, called The Shoulder, here (now out of business).

I have studied the origins of the “12-Step Method” (and I have taught the secular version to psych patients professionally, under team supervision). It began with a group called the Oxford Group, and that was a purely Christian discipleship “rehab” program, where all 12 steps were Bible-based, and efficacy was up in the high 90s percentile, while it lasted as a Scriptural approach to repenting of addictions (mostly to alcohol—there were laudanum cases as well) as sins, and asking God for His help conquering them, through Jesus Christ.

The initially Christian movement did “turn south”, and got a little weird, and turned into Moral Disarmament, or some such thing, and eventually abandoned rehabilitating mostly drunks. They actually got the man that started Alcoholics Anonymous sober; though. He wrote AA’s “Big Book”.

The secular versions’ effectiveness is in the single digits. There are even some atheistic/anti-supernatural groups which are only 9-Steps, and their success rates are even lower.

One of the obvious/inherent problems with the secular 12-Step philosophy, which I have discussed at length with psychotherapy professionals, is that, in order to get government funding, all behavioral problems MUST be addressed/diagnosed as “medical”; never moral.

That means, to the patient/client, that they can claim, with the full approval of the medical business they’re “getting help” from, that “my problem came out of nowhere, like a disease. I am not personally responsible for its etiology (where its true cause came from), and I cannot help my behaviors, for which I am actually not morally responsible.”

Quite a few secular “experts” agree with this diagnostic abuse; privately if not openly—it would affect their funding.

The problem is pandemic because of misdiagnosis, and prescription of a therapy method that has a 90+% failure rate, with almost universal recidivism. Where sex perverts are concerned, at least child molesters, recidivism is 100% universal for sex offenders.

In 1946, a openly gay activist psychologist, by the name of LaVey, handed out self-surveys (almost always a spurious technique at best), to inmates of a Federal California prison, asking for data on the incidence of active homosexuality in the prison. The result was 10%, which Lavey applied across the general population, without any justification but his own pro-gay opinion.

Subsequent dependable studies have shown 1% incidence nationally, and only 3% incidence, at the most, in cities like New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, and so on.

There is a very strong gay lobby, which, yes, is liberal; fortified by the efforts of many Democrats/Progressives, like Barney Frank, who helped run a gay bordello out of his own home. Indisputable.

These liberals argue for their opinion that adult homosexuality is not a purely learned and freely chosen behavior. Right behind them, with the same basic argument, are organizations, and actual lobbies, for such groups as NAMBLA, which advocated for pedophilia with little boys and adult men.

Both the gay activists and the NAMBLA folks want to force public acceptance of their perversions, without any actual scientific data to justify their behavioral choices. Of course, as the Simpsons show on the subject pointed out, they also seek cheaper-than-everybody-else’s insurance rates unjustifiably, at least the consenting-gay-adults lobby.

Even “Progressives” today are finally beginning (because the people they are supposedly representing as constituents are beginning to strongly object , not just the Tea Party adherents/sympathizers) to openly criticize the dishonesty/bias of the pro-Progressive media; not just Obama and his cabinet.

These are not just the “rantings” of conservative talk-show hosts like Dr. Michael Savage. I read/listen to both sides and make my own conclusions/decisions.

Yes, being sinners in a place of power, and it also being true, what Lord Acton said about power corrupting, and absolute power corrupting absolutely, a small percentage of people on both sides of the aisle are sex perverts of some kind—no doubt.

But I think it is a bit naïve to assume that that many of these pols actually want “help” with their “problems”. Most are only publically “repentant” because they were caught, and their perversion was exposed.

I agree that congressman Weiner’s actions are completely unjustifiable, and that I am suspicious that his purported venture into “rehab” is a technique to prevent him from re-entering a public/political life.

His pregnant wife’s pitiable position, her alliance with her employer Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton as well (who essentially got tacit public approval for getting oral sex from Monica Lewinski), the alliance of them, plus the whole Democratic Party to “moderate” Islam, all have a lot invested here.

But the current media is hardly impartial in the matter.

Only God qualifies as the true moral judge.

Having worked in the industry, I am all for people getting any kind of help they can, regardless of their understanding of the mechanics/spirituality of addiction.

I am not making light of that; believe me. Any help is better than none at all, if the seeker of that help is sincere.

But using it as a political dodge is egregiously wrong—for either side of the aisle.

And only God can truly “forgive and cleanse”—weak secular hypotheses about aberrant behavior cannot, and never have. Most “public forgiveness”, especially that involving politicians, is universally a sham.

That’s MY “political” belief


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