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Posted by Farmer on July 20, 2011 at 03:49:21

In Reply to: Re: Lady Gaga and the "pray it away" approach posted by long time exer on July 19, 2011 at 12:53:42:

I certainly see a difference in serving people of your city/neighborhood and trying to serve the Lord.I think you also seem to talk about free choice and certainly about not living a lie...
well defininitely I wouldn't want anyone to tell me, that he/she has a heterosexual orientation, when that clearly is not the case...just to "please" me...I rather hear the truth...
It's clearly a total different case, if such people intend to "serve " the Lord...whatever they understand by it...however I don't remember anyone with that orientation being mentioned in the Bible...and the relationship between Jonathan and David...doesn't "hold that water"

I have reasd the musings of homosexuals along the line of trying to get their orientation in "line with the Bible"...rather rewriting it after their own pleasures.
It's interesting this subject...because not "even Berg "was able to justify FFing the homosexuals on "their level"..when I heard/read about it & had to face personally an incident of someone asking me...I was in deep turmoil...it wasn't pleasant...I can tell you...I prayed and had to decline...for once a good decision of mine in TFI...later Berg withdraw the whole thing...instead of being sure in the first place...oh well, what to expect of him.

So people should just be sure whom they want to serve...you gotta serve somebody..Dylan...and he got that from the Bible

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