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Posted by Farmer on July 27, 2011 at 12:37:16

In Reply to: Re: LTE...sorry... posted by long time exer on July 27, 2011 at 11:20:51:

ok...this dualing of web info is certainly not my intention here will notice though, that the "first hits" google gave and which I pasted aren't anti "homo" at all...I'd say the majority of'm isn't. I consider it fairness to look into both directions...

Other than may be...may be... OT2 I wish to discern between a homosexual serving in the army or as a major...Berlin since really long has a homosexual have other cities in Germany...or serving in a church

Either one tries to live up to the morals of the Bible or one rejects that...but I clearly read on pro gay---christian activists-websites ages ago...when something like that came up before on journeys...that they wish to have it both ways...downplaying the importance of the scripture given...reinterpreting it their way...that's where I clearly make a cut...

If people like that would come to my church I would go...if they insist on playing a role there or anything else than help...prayer...counsel...

I wouldn't be able to make a "worldling" abide to the themes/rules set by the Bible...but I certainly would expect a very serious attempt of those, thinking to be my brothers and sisters in faith.

Sorry I can't abide by that...wouldn't be enough for me...I would just leave...and nobody can make me fellowship with long as there is freedom to choose.

I like to think, that's fair enough: distinction

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