"Cyber stalker"

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Posted by Coordinator on July 28, 2011 at 18:26:41

In Reply to: Re: Lady Gaga and the "pray it away" approach posted by OT2 on July 28, 2011 at 14:53:18:

Nobody called you a cyber stalker. Not this time around.

Our the definition of cyber stalking is:

You haven't done any of the above--this time around.

When you recently returned to the boards, you acted like you didn't even remember being banned at all. We let that slide and gave you back your posting privileges because we don't like to hold grudges. But it bothers me that you are constantly trying to make it out that your slate is clean and that you are being unfairly singled out. It's as though you've conveniently forgotten your history of confrontations with other posters and the coordinators. The picture you paint is that you can inadvertently get into trouble and get warned or banned for no apparent reason. It's as though you have no idea why we might even be weary or watchful of you and that you are at the mercy of our arbitrary decisions. In the past few months, you've slipped in little digs: we block your posts when they're "not up to standards", we quietly ban people without notice and we mysteriously label you a cyber stalker out of the blue. That is not our mode of operation and we certainly haven't done any of this to you. I would like to believe that the rules and guidelines are clear, and that your rights as a board user are clear. If and when we do take any measures--be it intervening on the boards, issuing warnings or instituting bans--we do ensure that we at least explain our reasons and actions openly. And we don't warn or ban on a whim.

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