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Posted by Another Coordinator on July 30, 2011 at 05:35:04

I have the impression that sometimes some individuals may suspect that a coordinator is taking sides. It's understandable but nothing could be further than the truth. When any coordinator gives someone a warning and/or reminder about board use "rules and guidelines", I want everyone to be assured that the reason for doing so has nothing to do with the subject matter or the topic in the discussion thread. Any personal opinion that the coordinator may or may not have about the discussion is in no way reflected in the fact that they need to remind/warn someone about their discussion board decorum. In other words, the need to show respect for the ideas, feelings, beliefs, and opinions of their fellow posters when expressing disagreement or other ideas.

The creation and maintenance of the website has required the investment of vast amounts of energy and time. It cost money too.

To the staff, it's vital that the environment on all the chatboards be non-threatening and safe.

Therefore, in light of how much has been invested in the website and the boards, the last thing any coordinator here would want to do is to use any warnings or reminders as a means of taking sides in any particular issue.

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