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Posted by on July 31, 2011 at 21:56:48

In Reply to: Re: They are based on fact and observation, lte posted by long time exer on July 26, 2011 at 01:17:16:


I am going to try and not respond in kind, but respectfully, and without animosity. I am still going to respond directly and succinctly:
You wrote: “I realize that your intelligence level is top of the line mensa and you are someone fit for the company of Einstein, so thank you for descending to my level to discuss this. “ you, unlike myself, will probably get away with it—after all, you are “politically correct”; right?

First of all, I have actually already rejected invitations to join Mensa. They only follow one of eight measures of intelligence, and I have found them to be tediously arrogant, as well as boring, as they always seem to flaunt their unidirectional intelligence at nearly every opportunity—I find them obnoxious as a group.

Einstein has also lost some status lately, having been accused of plagiarizing/publishing theories of others, including his own wife. And, if you didn’t know, he spent most of the last half of his life trying to disprove many of his earlier theories and hypotheses. And some reported attempts at proving some of his theories were also shown to be fraudulent.

And, I don’t really have the bloated opinion of myself as you accuse me in your purely ad hominem attack—weak argument without any CONTENT; again, LTE. Perhaps you're projecting.

You also wrote: “Pedophilia and homosexuality are not in the same category”. That’s merely your UN-scientifically-based OPINION; LTE, although politically correct, and heavily promoted by gay aqctivists who want the public to accept the idea of male-male, and female-female orogenital, penile-oral, penile-anal, oroanal, device-anal, device/labial, anal/labial (it's ALL seen in porno films, I've been told), and any other possible combination, as "normal".

ANY male attacking ANY OTHER MALE is homosexual; like it or not—what do you think happens in prison? Usually a self-justifying excuse along these lines: “I’m not really a homosexual—I’m only using this guy’s mouth and anus while I’m in prison. I’ll go back to women when I get out!”

You don’t ACTUALLY believe that adult male homosexuals ONLY recruit from other purely ADULT males; do you? Heterosexuals frequently don't either.

Cite your data, LTE. I know from both extensive reading and respectful and compassionate contact with both male and female homosexuals that my data and conclusions are sound.

To be accurate, and keeping with what I already posted (and negating, again, your baseless “grand canyon comment”), it should read “Pedophilia and homosexuality are not NECESSARILY in the same category”—sometimes they categorically are.

Please cite your scientific data/proof that “homosexuality is a minority orientation, not unlike being left handed.” I already cited GAY ACTIVIST SCIENTISTS as admitting they do NOT have proof that homosexuality is GENETICALLY CAUSED, from over a decade ago. Hence, it is categorically NOT "like left-handedness".

It is true that “a rape is a rape”, regardless who performs it—the law DOES define it EXACTLY that way.

Changing descriptive terms for “who did what to whom” merely based on the age of the victim doesn’t make your point for you; neither does it change the same-sex occurrence of rape/molestation, regardless of the age(s) involved, in ANY case.

You are dishonestly, and rudely, by the way, completely avoiding my point, with no basis in any actual data. I am sorry if that angers you and prompts you to compare yourself to me unfairly, and derogatorily, and without sound reason and rational thought. That's your choice.

I never said that anal sex was “normal” for anyone—a moot point, again, on your part. I agree that it is risky—so is oral sex, for heterosexuals, as well as homosexuals—if the fellated one (whether fellated by man, woman, or forced on a child) has STDs (including AIDS), they will MOST LIKELY be transmitted to the fellator—one of the risks in ANY case is death—that’s definitely risky.

Sorry—that’s everybody’s business, despite your “cool” politically correct position on the subject. The CDC definitely thinks so.

Notice I dealt purely in facts, not un-cited bad science, worse opinions, and intentional insults.

This is definitely my last word on the subject to you, LTE.


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