Confessions of a liberal lefty

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Posted by MG on January 12, 2012 at 05:00:13

As a liberal lefty I watch FOX news now and then because it's so much fun to watch: often it's overtly obvious watching them dumb things down, and I get a laugh about how they make a mockery of their "fair and balanced" slogan.

It shouldn't suprise anyone to know that one of my favorite shows is The Daily Show. And if I want intelligent commentary I watch the Rachel Maddow show.

I'm just up here on the soap box for a brief moment my last declaration is that I wish Obama hadn't gone so far to the center and adopted so many policies that originally were Republican positions. (That's why it's hilarious to see the Republicans call him a socialist.) But I still like him, he's smart, I believe he's still got work to do that will be for the good of all and not just a select few. I'm voting for him again. I love my America which is not just a white man's country but it's the whole cosmopolitan mix: Amerindian, Latino, African-American, Vietnamese-American, i.e. all Americans, just one America, as opposed to a "real America" and "another America".

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