How so?

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Posted by anovagrrl on May 02, 2012 at 13:11:35

In Reply to: Re: More discrimination against Christians posted by Pastor Don on March 09, 2012 at 05:33:42:

Is it discrimination for the National Honor Society to simply insist that the young woman in this case meet the same criteria every one else is expected to meet for membership? The MHS defines community service as public or civic activity for a reason. Why should the NHS change its service definitions to suit her?

I would say the NHS was discriminatory if there were something in the girl's religion that forbade her from volunteering at a hospital, a homeless shelter or food kitchen, but I doubt that's the case. While hospitals, shelters and kitchens may be operated under the auspices of a church, the beneficiaries are the general public or civil society. The benefit of the service work is not restricted exclusively to members of her church family. The inclusiveness of civic duty--helping people who may be very different from you--is the value the NHS is promoting.

I think it's discriminatory to expect the NHS (a secular organization that's open to believers and nonbelievers alike) to set up a different set of membership rules to suit Christians with a particular world view. If the girl is truly loathe to serve the broader community outside her church, her denomination needs to set up a religiously-oriented academic honor society.

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