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Posted by long time exer on May 06, 2012 at 00:14:30

In Reply to: Re: No, it's more like this posted by Pastor Don on May 05, 2012 at 21:25:14:

About taxes, I'm not talking amount of money in dollars and cents, but percentage of total income that is taken out in paychecks and at tax time. There are way too many loopholes and exemptions for the wealthy. I am not against people working and getting paid for jobs well done. I'm against greed that has caused corporations to trim benefits or get rid of them (giving 35 hr work weeks, considering it part time work to avoid paying medical, dental, vacation, sick pay, short and long term disability). More and more people are working two jobs, extra hours but no benefits. It's quite rare to find dental insurance any more for the average person. Corporations with big tax breaks use those breaks for excessive benefits at the top, and then there are those golden parachutes..
Hospitals now do "cherry-picking" and offer different levels of service to people according to what insurance they do or do not have. Heck, I've worked a few places where you cannot park on the streets anywhere near the work place and so you are forced to pay for parking where you work. In the early nineties I had a job where it cost me 90 bucks a month to park where I work. They had the city come in and make no parking zones on the streets anywhere around there so they could force people to pay. Even people working there and earning minimum wage had to pay this while doctors all got free parking. I'm sorry. That is just not right.
I'm not sure what you consider "poorer people" because I am aware of many working poor who do pay taxes that are significant compared to what they earn.

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