The American Presidential Election System (Simplified)

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Posted by Thinker on October 15, 2008 at 07:28:09

In Reply to: Re: US electoral system posted by Outsider on October 05, 2008 at 21:22:36:

Different nations have varied methods of electing their representatives. In many democracies, the Prime Minister is the Executive Head of the State and is elected by receiving a majority by a system of voting by the electorate - the common man. The common man makes his choice of party or leader by casting his/her vote by the process of Secret Ballot. This procedure has been working successfully for the past 60 years in the largest democracy of the world - India.

Owing to the above procedure, conducting a nation-wide election can be a gargantuan exercise and a significant drain on the finances of a country.

Another form of election is a compromise between popular vote and election by the representatives of the electorate. This form of Presidential election is followed in the United States. According to this system, the citizens do not directly elect the President. The citizens vote for their representatives (Electors) who in turn, vote for the President ensuring that the Presidential election is decided by the combined results of all the states of United States. The total votes cast by the electoral representatives decides the winner.

By the above procedure, it is possible that a candidate who wins a majority of votes nationally, may lose the election. The current regime of George Bush Junior, was founded on this very flaw in the electoral system. This procedure may be considered by many, as a betrayal of public opinion. Although, Al Gore received more popular votes, he lost because he received lesser electoral votes. But, that's the established procedure as enshrined by the founding fathers of the Electoral College System in the USA.

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