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Posted by FH on June 10, 2012 at 07:09:22

In Reply to: Re: It has to be taken into context posted by long time exer on May 14, 2012 at 22:55:49:

You wrote: “He was all about contradictions, but all along, an opportunist parasite.”

Certainly so, and then much more.
The debate whether DB was a rightie or a leftie is thus not very relevant, imo. In fact the whole question of right or left is a contrived controversy and a ruse. It may even be more relevant to find out if DB was an undercover Roman Catholic agent, with or without his knowledge, because that is another rabbithole that has been much excavated over the years. In the end it is always a question of control, physically and mentally, which is mind control, being a whole lot more extensive than mere physical control.
That is the very opposite of what Jesus preached, just as much else of what DB preached and what Maria preached was in directly contrary to the scriptures. But as we were controlled to believe the Scripture (Bible) was of secondary or even less importance, we were essentially without the only tool available to even be alarmed about our condition. This is parallell to much else that is going on in society today.

DB was dangerous, (as Maria was – or is – is dangerous), led and directed by dreams, and visiting spiritual agents, with whom he repeatedly had sexual intercourse and so on. Never mind whether they (the visitors) be demons or demonesses (which they were) or whatever. They did not have a clue and did not care. The real problem was that the mental merchandise was bought without question, hook, line and sinker, because that is what followers are taught to do.

Essentially what you see of the rabbithole is merely the beginning…beyond what you see it goes on and on.
Yet today, even after such a trip, I believe these things and experiences can be turned around and used to our advantage. But in order to do so it is necessary to see it all in a larger picture.

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