He talked it and walked it in the Phillipines. Howbeit ...

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Posted by MG on September 22, 2012 at 18:43:35

In Reply to: Re: Read the excerpt again. It's in black and white. posted by Pastor Don on September 21, 2012 at 19:58:44:

When Berg lived in the Phillipines he personally supervised the Family's ministry to the Phillipine Army's highest ranking officers, including the Army Chief of Staff. He had Family muscician compose an anthem for the Phillipine Army. All of this was designed to give full support the right-wing military faction and power base to prevent Cory Aquino from compromising with the left, the communist party and communist rebel forces. This is documented.

Here's the "Howbeit..." I'll sum all this up by confessing that I've come back to the realization that debating whether Berg was more right-wing than left-wing is somewhat of a false argument. Because he was mecurial. Berg figured the means justified the end and he swung from being pro commie left-wing to being pro right-wing anti-commie, following delusional thinking in how he deemed God was wanting to use him in his role as the end-time prophet at any given time. There's not much consistency in the stands that he took politcally this way, that way, and the other.

PS What kind of guns do you have? Are you a hunter? I go trout fishing a lot, I never did any real hunting.

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