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Posted by fh on September 15, 2013 at 03:15:40

In Reply to: Re: Personal Opinion posted by Pastor Don on September 06, 2013 at 19:21:23:

To me it seems Obama will be, believe and do anything he is told by his handlers, so yes, he surely sometimes, or often, act contrary to what many expect, contary to moral principles and/or contrary to what he once said. But not arbitrarily so. The same holds true of pretty much all similarly compromised national top leaders in any country, and down the ranks to some point.
This seems to be the only logic explanation.

Concerning the chemical weapons story, that is a toxic story, hm. Those of us who rely on the public press for information, how much of the big picture do we think we are privy to ? I don’t know, but the strategy we see unfolding is surely according to script, and is true according to historical patterns. But people forget, are taught to forget.

Muslim or not, imo that is not the issue, but that is where focus often is drawn, for reasons.
The issue surely is trickery, power and control. Then we have more questions, what power, and who, and why, to what intent.
If the USA is and has been the world’s executor and bully, then who is the chief?

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