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Posted by consider the truth on September 23, 2013 at 18:37:13

In Reply to: Re: Truth is relative posted by Pastor Don on September 22, 2013 at 08:54:36:

You seem quite intelligent, so you may want to explore what Eisenhower warned about the military industrial complex and see what you believe may or may not be applying to how foreign policy is and has been arrived at for some time now. About your friends or co-believers in Pakistan, I hate hearing people were murdered because of their belief though it seems insane, to me, to be proselytizing just about anywhere in the middle east. The whole world has heard about the gospels and about Jesus and to many, that is not the religion they have been brought up with or that their land or region wants to spread. Frankly, when Uganda or Rwanda had urgent need for assistance from the international community related to genocide and/or severely despotic leadership,we were not there to intervene. I'd really rather see the USA as a neutral country cleaning up its own back yard and offering assistance, as able, for humanitarian causes. It's why I am largely democrat, but not to the point of agreeing with our foreign affairs concerns, such as intervention in Syria. We didn't mind Saddam gassing the Kurds, and he was our ally at the time. Helping Syria with military intervention would seem to be unpopular because history has shown taking one system down often leads to installing one worse, or at least not better. Do the ends justify the means?

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