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Posted by consider the source on October 22, 2013 at 11:56:12

In Reply to: Re: To add more to the NAMBLA post on Genx posted by Pastor Don on October 21, 2013 at 12:53:15:

"Leftists" tend to be homophobic just as tea party tend to be. You have a lot in common with leftists. It's illegal to be an open homosexual in most truly socialist countries I can think of. Regarding pedophilia and sex offenders, I don't consider two teens with a few years difference in age and one being a minor to be a sexual offense between consenting partners whether heterosexual or homosexual. Apparently society is catching up with that idea when considering age of consent and age difference before slapping a sexual offender label on someone. When I was in high school, two good friends, a sexually active heterosexual couple with a similar age difference, were not shamed by society nor were they considered deviant though laws back then could have allowed one parent to charge the boy with statutory rape. Instead, the parents supported the use of protection. This did not result in an unwanted pregnancy or a long term relationship. I would guess that are in high school have had sex earthe r than not and I am all for teaching about safety and health and prevention as well as making condoms available and knowledge of how to properly use them. I wouldn't encourage teens to have sex, but I sure would want them ready knowing that raging hormones often trump the abstinence option. So in this instance (your article of reference), I see a hyper-religious right wing fanatic viewpoint lacking common sense.

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